Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Quirkiness of a Pluralistic Society

These pictures were taken in downtown Penang.

A Trip up a Hill

On our vacation, we went up to the summit of Penang Hill. Upon reaching the apex of the peak via vernicular (sp?) train we were stuck in a torrential downpour. Our cab driver/meteorologist thought the rain would blow through pretty quickly. This was not the case, every five minutes the rain seemed to step it up a notch. Half way up the hill, we had to switch trains. There was still enough of a view at this time, thus the picture.

On the trains going up and down, however, were an amazing variety of people. There were representatives of at least four different continents and at minimum five major religio-cultural worldviews. Even though Jaden was visibly a little sick, every one loved him and played with him. One man, with good intentions, slipped him a Mentos before we could stop him. We just prayed that Jaden would chew this little choking hazard very thoroughly. Thankfully, he did.

Jaden's First Real Playground Experience

While we were on a short little vacation in Penang, Malaysia we had occasion to take Jaden to a playground. The place we live does not boast much in the way of playgrounds. Jaden had a great time exploring and especially enjoyed the thing on the left (I don't what to call that thing).