Tuesday, September 25, 2007

It feels like a real neighborhood

A few days ago we felt the whole house rattling. Was it an earthquake? No, it felt different from that. It was a steamroller going down our little gravel lane. The days leading up to Ramadan (the Muslim fasting month) and now during Ramadan, they have been paving roads furiously. One day a truck came by and sprayed tar all over our stream-rolled gravel, but then nothing else happened. Walking or driving out onto our street involved stepping on warm tar. Then, yesterday, they finished the job with asphalt and several runs with a steamroller.

Our house had the feel of being just outside of the city we live in (even though it isn't). We don't have an address at our house, city water doesn't come our neighborhood, and we could only be accessed by narrow gravel roads. Now, with fresh pavement, we feel like we in a legitimate neighborhood...kind of.

Now if we could just get broadband internet:).